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The goal of WorldClimData is to present a faster way to download WorldClim data using piggyback


You can install the development version of WorldClimData from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


Currently WorldClimData doesn’t have all WorldClim data.

There is only data for the current period and the following resolution:

  • 10’ resolution: All the variables (“bio”,“elev”,“prec”,“srad”,“tavg”,“tmax”,“tmin”,“vapr”,“wind”)

  • 5’ resolution: All the variables (“bio”,“elev”,“prec”,“srad”,“tavg”,“tmax”,“tmin”,“vapr”,“wind”)

  • 2.5’ resolution: All the variables (“bio”,“elev”,“prec”,“srad”,“tavg”,“tmax”,“tmin”,“vapr”,“wind”)

  • 30” resolution: “elev”, “wind”


The download_worldclim function will download the zipped worldclim data into a WorldClim_data folder and the unzipped .tiff files into a WorldClim_data_unzipped folder inside the working directory.

The folder name can be specified within the function using the folder_path argument.

download_worldclim(period = "current",
                   variable = "elev",
                   resolution = 10,
                   folder_path = "./WorldClim_data")
#> i Downloading the following files
#> i Files downloaded. Unzipping...
#> v Done

The above example creates 2 folders (WorldClim_data and WorldClim_data_unzipped) and downloads data for the Elevation variable for the Current period with a 10’ resolution. The folder structure is presented below.

Working directory
├── WorldClim_data
│   └──
└── WorldClim_data_unzipped
    └── wc2.1_10m_elev.tif